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Jun 1, 2015

Such a bad feeling

This time last year I had some of my friends who were pg obviously they have all had their babies by now. Although I wanted to join them it didnt seem as bad as its getting now!

Went out last week to see my best friend for tea who is 30 weeks pg. Had a lovely evening and it was great seeing her and the bump but the whole time I was thinking I want to be in her shoes! She only started trying because I had told her about the probs we were having! 

Then I get a text message from a uni friend telling me that she is 12 weeks pg. After I reply with the congrats text she texts me back to ask why we havent thought about starting a family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could scream! n I am never ever going to ask women that question ever ever. I find myself dreading hearing that someone else is pg as I seem to get more and more emotional! Having a real down day.

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