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Jul 12, 2013

Dia suami ku....

I love looking at him when he sleeping
I love cooking for him
I love watching him playing games
I love him sleep on my tummy
I love him sleep on my lap
I love watching him eating hehe
I love looking at him while he's driving
I love pitchin his mancung nose
I love touching his rounded belly
I love kissing him on the eye
I love to sleep on his muscled arms haha
I love rubbin his beard
I love holding his hand
I love his fingers, pretty fingers *jealous
I love his eyebrows, naughty face like shin chan
I love the smell of him
I love waking up beside him
I love his jokes *sometimes get annoyed also grr
I love poking him hehe *very sensitive man
I love picking up his clothes on the floor and starts 'membebel'
I love i love i love i love i love i love everything about him !!!

Because he is my HUSBAND and i am his WIFE.

He is a very serious man, quiet, tough with the fierce face. But deep inside he is a very sengal, pretty funny and freakin cool!!

i know some of u out there (if ada lah yang bace blog kawe ni kan) feels annoyed with this post..well, be my guest to stop reading my blog..hahahaha

ok done here.

p/s: malam ni sahur masak daging black paper, esok bebuka masak asam pedas..nyummmm !!!

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