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Jul 8, 2012

never forget ur past

to be who u are to remember what uve done in past..
not just only remember it..but also need to take it as ur guidance through your future..

i will never forget my past.. it changed me to be sumones better than before..
ppl will never stop judging us.. they will keep continuing all the wicked sarcasm, criticism toward us..

from then till now, ive been patient .. ive been silent.. not to care abt those wicked people..
but im not a perfect person.. i just want to be alone..with my true friends and family only..

wat i like or i dont, is none of anyone else business.. im so sick and tired.. really really sick of those wicked ppl... i hate them so much... so damn much!

i dont like everyone.. coz i know..not everyone likes me... i dont mind n i dont care!

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