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May 21, 2012

berkorban apa saja...


lama jugak tak update blog.. busy dgn keje...its all about keje, family dan si dia je skrg.. honestly lansung takde social life..really,takde lnsung..just kat FB and twitter je..tu pn sekadar comment2 dgn kawan2 yang rapat saje.. kalau diluar, i mean in realiti..sumenye just me and my family and my fiance.. well..they're all i got thou..
terlalu byk perkara yang perlu aku buat.. rasanya almost anything.. dari washing dishes smpai lah jaga akaun dealer2 yang aku handle.. title position kuli keje nya melebihi index yg ditetapkan..takpe at least aku ada keje.. keje yang kadang2 ok..n kadang2 tak ok sbb tekanan dari pihak atasan..
aku patut bersyukur, ada dlm negeri sndiri, stay dgn family, tak merantau.. but then again i guess i need to get out of my comfort zone.. i need a challenge.. i need a new experience.. i need new environment..
im ready for my new journey, but till then..i have to wait.. wait for the one and only opportunity..which is by moving out follow my future hubby nanti.. it's not like im sengaja nk tinggalkan my family o watsoever ..cuma.. i need to be independent..rite? eventhough berada jauh dari family nanti, kelantan is and always be my homeland.. i hope my mom will understand that..**well, she's one very good mother and my very best friend in the whole world... :)

to came into this, i went thru all the susah payah and serba dugaan.. banyak yang terpaksa dikorbankan demi keluarga.. and im so lucky i have mr Love  now to support me in every way... alhamdulillah..
hanya org yang pernah mengharungi waktu2 sukar je yang paham betapa berharganya kebahagian tu..paham camne 'susah' it really is...for that, im thanking Allah for given me strength and time..eventho sumtime i disobey Dia :(
Sacrifices been made for the sake of others hapiness..and just to see them,ppl i love happy is nothing more i want.. once i felt so giving up..seriously fed up..anger, hate, upset, stress, crying ...weeping tears..asking why me...why is it me yang kena face benda itu ini.. tapi lama kelamaan..i realized yang semua tu dah menjadi tanggung jawab aku sebagai seorg anak dan manusia... i just to bersabar je kan.. and tawakkal..insyaAllah.

walau sesukar mana pn keadaan... i gotta be strong and do what i can and suppose to do..and the rest.. let Allah decide...

i believe, that i one day... the happiness will be ours..insyaAllah... 

p/s: bulan 7 by pegi kusus kawen.insyaAllah...hihi dah tnya kat pej agam islam tu..dah book dah... well, i missed u so much abg :)