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Mar 13, 2011

The Three of Us - M.N.N

Last month of Feb, we went to Penang for our aunt wedding at Balik Pulau... Well all 3 of us are rare having pic together.. i mean we dont have much time to gather all... Here's few of our photos..

Mizwan Nazli ~ My brother, current working on his own...handling his own business.
Mimi Nazryn ~ Me, myself... currently working at one of the biggest ICT private company in Malaysia.
Amanina ~ My lil sister.. currently she's doing her practical at my office.. (waiting for her SPM result)

I love my siblings and im praying the best for them!

THE MYM - My nickname..hehehehe

NINA ~ My lil sis nickname wrote on the sandy beach

LEE ~ My brothers' nickname :)

Us three having our meal at KFC, before heading to the beach.... hehehe the treat is on me hahaha

Me and Nina.. right after we reached at the Pasir Panjang beach... can see sunset...its a beautifull view...

Me and Nina again on the rock.. hehehe it's slippery and i almost fallen off hahaha...

Hey! Its us... hehehe me, my brother and Nina... well, Lee is trying to center the pic...haha its a nice one thou...

This pic taken jst before we're going back home.... the sun almost set... photos are taken so, wat are we waiting for?hahaha balik rumah je lah.....

That day was a happy day.. and we're all having fun.. chatting and eating and outing....

Love my brothers and lil sister !

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