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Mar 15, 2011

A lil bit sumtin about me :)

early in the morning. drink tea. lenka's songs. 'tart'ing eyes.

i write again after sooooooo long. heh.. im actually dun have the feel to write. many reasons. why?

- no idea - hah.. >_<

erm.. just gonna tell something that have crossed my mind only.

right now.. it's...



but i got sumtin to tell you about how i feel. not in my brain but in my heart. surely, i am confident enough to say that all the precious things and thoughts in my heart will straightly goes to my brain, and i keep thinking about them all the time and never disappeared unless it's not in my heart anymore. haha wut am i mumbling about??

the precious in my heart:

1. Allah s.w.t
2. Rasulullah s.a.w
3. my Ummi n abah
4. Siblings
5. Grandma & Grandpa
6. My Incik Fuzi (MIF)
7. Best friends
8. Friends
9. My job..hehe
10. my so-called past boyfriends a.k.a my exs. haha
11. my other self.

about No. 1 (Allah s.w.t): He who created me. My Almighty God. He hears everythin i say, n also da thoughts in my heart n my brain. i told everything to Him. and everything i got for Him is only faith. its the bridge to connect between me and my God. i am sure enough that it keeps me in the right track of my life. Allah The Most Merciful.

No 2 (Rasulullah s.a.w): and His Sunnah. i am currently trying to practically follow the Sunnahs. sumtimes i felt tat it is difficult. i am weak, i admit it. most of the time i did wrong. i keep repeating the same mistakes again n again, the small sins. huh.. people say: 'sedikit2 lama2 jadi bukit' . means that the small ones, if it is accumulated altogether, will become big. hurm.. i dunno how big is my sin now. Wallahualam.

No 3 (ummi n abah): Ummi, the one who raised me up. she is the most loving person in my life. she didnt know the word 'tired' n 'lost hopes' in her life. never tired of raising me up. eventhough i made a lot of mistakes repeatingly, she never lost hopes on me. she listens to whatever i tell her, whatever sadness i showed to her, whatever happiness i showed to her, n she will connected herself with me accordingly. thank you isn't enough to be given to Ummi. my love is all i have for you, mom. Abah, the one who raised me up too. his commitment is too large for us. he works all day, sometimes till night, in order for us to live comfortably. food, holiday vacation, sumthing to wear - all depends on him. i know this is a little mean, but i dunno what will happen if you're not with us. you give us so meaningful advices throughout our lives.. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE BOTH OF YOU, UMMI &ABAH =)

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No 4 (Siblings): my eldest brother, my sister and 2 youngest brothers. they meant so much to me. they gave me motivations to success without they realizing it. i juz want them to know that i am proud to have wonderful siblings like them, although we fight with each other a lot. OFTEN, you know..hehe.. but 'air dicincang takkan putus', right? whatever happens, we will always be siblings and everything will turn to normal soon. we will never fight like that in the future, i can guarantee. =)

No 5 (Grandma & Grandpa): i love them. they are my ummi's and abah's parents. Allahyarham Hi Hassan,Chek Munah, Chek Aminah, n Ayoh. =)

No 6 ( My incik Fuzi a.k.a MIF) : i love him so much.. we've been known eachother for abt 2years plus... started to committed to our relationship since 2009... he was always there for me when the time tat i needed him.. he cherish my life back.. he;s the only one tat i have..and i love the most.. im hoping ang praying tat our relationship will last for ever..insyaALLAH... for me, he's my Mr Right. :)

No 7 (Best friends): thank you, best friends!! the two of you know why the heaven (converted from 'why the hell') i put you two in the best friend's list. you warned me a lot. you advise me. you listen to me whenever i tell problems to you, and plus you tried to solve it together. you help me find a best solution. you two are the best buddies in the world! infinite thank you again! love you! mmuah! =)

No 8 (Friends): thank you for letting me be your friend, friends! you guys rock! ^_^

No 9 (My Job): hurm.. its been 4 years since im working with acer n many experiance i've gained thru out those years... and oso so many mistakes i've done..huhu..need to back up all those mistakes n make sure it will not be hapen again.. still i love my job.. since i;ve been working there, so many things i've learned,faced.. n so on..hurmm... how ever, many many things to be done. Allah my Merciful God, help me.

No 10 (so-called past boyfriends a.k.a my exs): hurm.. thank you too for giving me a chance to have some experience in the fake love. haha.. those lessons will meant so much to me in order to differentiate between an honest love and a fake love. thank you, guys! ^_^v for I, thank you, eventhough u seem so honest with me but it was actually certainly not. to A.A, thanks a lot. i honestly regret losing you, but it's for our own good. we cannot be together. i've been thinking a lot before we separate. we are just too close. wah.. jiwang2x. but thank you again, dear cousy. n i apologize. n finally, the rest: thank you for disturbing me, my time, n my tears. ;)

No 11 (my other self): My other self is me with my other world which is my dark side... she will still be apart of my life no matter how i try to get rid of her... im thankful of wat i have now... im just me..trying to find the right thing...

thank you and have a nice day! =)


  1. dear :)
    datang sini baca entry .

    Auwww ! shuweeeet MIF !

  2. hehe dia lagi sweet... entry bese2 jew..wat ilang boring ;)


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