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Feb 20, 2011

who are you?

i knw i cant take one more steps towards u.. coz all tat's waiting is regret... and dont u knw, im not ur ghost anymore... u lost the love i loved the most...

i learned to live half alive..
and now u want me one more time....

who do u think u are? running round leaving scars.. collectiong ur jar of hearts...and tearing love apart... u're gonna catch a cold.. from the ice inside ur soul... so dont come back for me... ..who do u think u are....??

dear it took so long just to feel alright... remember how to put back the light in my eyes... i wish i had missed the first time tat we met... coz u broke all ur promises.. and now u're back... u dont get to get me back....

Dont come back at all~!


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