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Feb 17, 2011

wat does LOVE mean to you? the most complicated substance ever exists in the entire whole universe.yes it makes ur head up in the space OR wayyy under the mantle of the earth.when we're in love,in cloud 9, it is indeed such a nice feeling.everything seems so right.BUT when love goes wrong, eveything goes beyond a human-being,we need it.but that doesnt mean just the boyfriend-girlfriend with your family, friends, surroundings, n utmost importantly,God.but what im gonna share today is about love that is closely related to relationship.just thinking of it...sigh...a big one..

ive been in love for quite a few times.had crushes, stumbled, fell, went tru it, and suddenly it it's a positive word, it can bring u to the negative zen.i hate it when that happens.i love it if a fling could last,forever.but it can never mom,my aunties,my cousins repeatedly told me that look for someone who loves u more than u love him.this time around,i just...failed.cause it's uninvitable,irreversible.i fell so hard this time.never in my life i had liked a person this i wish that i could turn back time n i never ever met him so that i wont fall for him n kinda hurt.a bit.

a question.what would u do if u LOVE someone?i would do these:-
1.i'd be there for u WHENEVER u need me.maybe not physically but mentally YES.
2.if u're sick, i'd be worried sick just thinking that ure sick.ill try my best to comfort u d best way i can.
3.i cant go a single day without thinking of you.
4.always figuring out how to make u feel better,happier. fact, id walk thousand steps just to meet u.dont dare me,id do that.
6.i wanna see u every single day.but i know thats possible.maybe it's a feeling called MISS."i miss u"
7.i rarely say NO to u
8.i will always try to say YES all the time. my worse condition,(tired/sick/down/messed up/fucked up) id put those all away as long as i can see u.seriously.
10.i hardly get mad at u.i just cant.
11.i try to be perfect for you.maybe this is why love is insane.
12.and LOVE,change me into becoming a better person

as a conclusion, id do anything if i love you...

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