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Feb 27, 2011

u just annoyed me.

Have u ever feel annoying wit sumone?? well i have... in fact tat i faced tat situation everyday... the person is not nobody... sumone tat quite close with me... back then we use to share evrything together.. but i think not now... let me give a nickname for tat person oke.. lets name it V, its easier to say..hahaha...

oke so it all begin years ago wen i first knwn V.. we were besties.. i mean we share evrything..well not all lah oso got sum secret tat no one knws kan...V is i can say good looking but naahh.. mybe cute mybe not...haha dont wanna comment abt tat... hmm...

u knw i really hates 'gedik' girls kan.. no matter which way of gediks for really annoying being around tat kind of people... feels like [urghhhh wattaheck are they doing, dont they hve mirror to look for themself?] come laaa.... so paris hilton i tell u! -well if kaya or pretty like paris doesnt mind la kan but ni tak.. cam kak limah ada laahhh.. hahahahhaa....

i dont wanna be mean... so i kept quite.. i dont wanna be harsh on V coz V is my fren... but how im gonna wake V up????? to tell V tat 'u're fuckin annoys me!"

evryone has their own advantages n vise versa... but we dont do stufs like embrace ourselve by saying sumtin yg blh nampk riak... u knw wat i mean?like overproud with urself.. sumtin like tat la... haizzzzzzzzz..... there's many more out there tat prettier than u lah.... sabo jelah!

moral of the story is: lu lansing lu mati (erk ada kaitan meh?ahh wateverjelah)

signing off~

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