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Feb 20, 2011

Bad mood

these few days im kinda havin a bad times... often to get mad and easy to tacing wit evryone... kinda bored oso... dont knw, seems like im having a difficulties to laugh and huhahuha (sum sort of it) mybe coz there's too much to think..n too many to face... i jst hate tis life... ppl dont knw wat im goin thru all day... they jst reti nak ckp itu ini je.. without knwing how hard it is to me... ermm wat is tis all abt?? well..its abt everything i can say... from office to home till my social life.. evrything is kinda messy... im not a type of person tat taking things easily, i have my own responsibilities... and im tied up with it... evn sumtimes i felt like so hard to breath.. but wat ure all knw is telling me tis and tat... hey, u dont even knw wats going on so dont try to act like u knw evrything... theres no angel to be one... i dont need to knw any kind of small2 things... at one particular point, i feels so fed up and wanna go away frm all.... i dont knw wat has got into me.... i jst want to live normal like others.. living a simple life... im alone, but i dont wanna be in crowd..!

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