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Jun 16, 2010

Does it worthed?

does the pain weight out the pride..? and im lookin for a place to hide?did someone break my heart inside? im in ruins.... when im at the end of the road..and i've lost all sense of control..and my thoughts had taken their toll, wen my mine break the spirit of my faith walks on broken glass..and the hangover doesnt pass..nothing's ever built to last.. im in ruins...wen its time to live and let die...and i cant get another try..sumthing inside this heart has in ruins....
as much as i love this song..its relates to me... when u feel like u're walking alone and there's no one besides u..the only thing in ur mind will be empty.. givin up ur hope and soul.. hurmm.. at this very moment... i just want to rest.. and rest all mylife.. im so tired... so weak.. barely cant stand on my feet.. but wen open up my eyes...i saw peoples that i love.. crying..can see the sadness in their eyes.. n once again.. im making ppls that i love sad.. knowing the truth of mylife..makes me feel useless.. hopeless... if there any chance and time for me to make up what i've left... to fullfill my dreams...
ermm feel not so well now.. will cont later~~


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